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Photos from Great Travel Destinations

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Eman Nossir, Emys Vacations
Mecca and Medina

​​Some photos from the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina are shown here. The most sacred place in Islam is the Ka'ba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Ka'ba is a mosque (built by Abraham according to Muslim tradition) built around a black stone. The Prophet Muhammad designated Mecca as the holy city of Islam and the direction (Qibla) in which all Muslims should offer their prayers.

The Ka'ba is believed to be the first place that was created on earth and the place at which heavenly bliss and power touches the earth directly. Mecca is located in the Hijaz region of western Saudi Arabia. The city lies inland 73 kilometers east of Jiddah, in the narrow, sandy Valley of Abraham. The Holy City is 277 meters (909 feet) above sea level.

Istanbul, Turkey

​​Istanbul is an amazingly beautiful city. Some special photos are shown here. With its unique mix of the exotic and the familiar, visiting Turkey can be an exciting experience. More than the “bridge between East and West” that exists in Istanbul, the country combines influences from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, the Balkans and central Asia. Read More

The Canadian Rockies

​​If you want to see the beauty of Allah SWT's creations, check out the Canadian Rockies! Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise and Lake Morraine!!


You know the feeling of being somewhere and wishing you could stay forever? There are a few places like that in the world, and the Canadian Rockies is one of them. Dazzling peaks, lush mountain meadows, emerald lakes, virgin forest, towering waterfalls and wildlife galore. Everywhere you point your camera is filled with beauty.


Stretching from the Continental Divide on Alberta’s southwestern border north into British Columbia, the Read More

Niagara Falls

​​Niagara Falls is a one of the wonders of the world and an amazing creation of Allah SWT. Discover a whole new side of Niagara Falls through world-class attractions: Journey Behind the Falls, Niagara's Fury, Butterfly Conservatory and more! With over 1325 hectares (3274 acres) of parkland, you're sure to find something for everyone. Walk along the boardwalk at the very edge of one of the world's wildest stretches of whitewater, ride an antique cable car across the racing Niagara River, stand at the very brink of the Falls, or even journey behind them. Read More



Vancouver is an amazingly beautiful city and with the will of Allah SWT has super natural beauty with amazing mountains and awesome ocean around it.


Vancouver is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. The metropolitan area, with more than 2.3 million residents, is the third most populous metropolitan area in the country and the most populous in Western Canada. With 5,249 people per square kilometre (13,590 per square mile), the City of Vancouver is the most densely populated Canadian municipality among those with 5,000 residents or more. Read More



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Tallest Towers


Morocco is an exotic gateway to Africa; Morocco is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The Western Sahara is part of Morocco to the south, Algeria to the east and the Spanish North African territories of Ceuta and Melilla on the Mediterranean coast in the north. It is just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Gibraltar, Spain. It has excellent beach resorts, snow-capped mountains, and the colorful Sahara Desert. It is a country influenced by Roman, Arab, Berber and French civilizations. Read More


Tanzania has some of the most extensive game parks and reserves in the world. In fact it has the largest percentage of land reserved for wildlife parks. Approximately 10% of the land is dedicated to wildlife. With its wide plains, dense forests, majestic mountains and shimmering lakes, the visitor will be spoiled for choice in both animal and bird life viewing. Read More


​​Victoria is a beautiful city and is the capital of the Province of British Columbia. It is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada's Pacific coast. The city has a population of about 80,017. Greater Victoria has a population of 344,615, making it the 15th most populous Canadian urban region.


Victoria is about 100 kilometres (62 miles) from BC's largest city of Vancouver on the mainland. The city is about 100 kilometres (62 miles) from Seattle. Read More

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